15.1. Adding holdings to title records

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Evergreen has a unified volume/copy creator that allows you to create volumes and copies in a unified screen. This function consolidates the process of creating volume and copy records. You must configure this, and whether you want a horizontal or vertical layout, in Library Settings. See Chapter 49, Local Administration Menu The examples here demonstrate use of the unified volume/copy creator with a vertical layout. There is also the ability to pre-configure call number prefixes and suffixes, via the Admin menu.

  1. Search the catalogue for a record that matches the item in hand, as described in Chapter 14, Searching the Database for Cataloguing Purposes. If you do not find a match, refer to the Sitka Cataloguing Policy at http://sitka.bclibraries.ca/governance/sitka-policy/ for recommendations on required procedures. If you do find a match, proceed to next step.

  2. When the record details are loaded, select Actions for this RecordHoldings Maintenance.

  3. On Holdings Maintenance, select your library, or branch(es), from the list and click Actions for Selected RowsAdd Volumes or click on Add Volumes link at top left.

  4. In the Volume and Copy Creator section of the screen:

    • Enter a number in the # of volumes field.

    • Type in a call number, or use the call number that is autofilled from the MARC record.

    • Use the drop down lists for prefix and suffix if your library uses that functionality.

    • Enter the appropriate number of copies and scan barcode(s).

    Use Tab, Enter or mouse to move through fields.


    If you are creating place holders for on-order items see What is the best way to enter “on-order” records? in the Sitka Evergreen Policy and Best Practices Manual

  5. Make all necessary edits to copy record in the Copy Editor section of the screen by moving through fields and clicking Apply on every edit.

    For information on the individual fields in the Copy Editor see Section 16.1, “Copy Editor”


    Co-op support recommends creating and using copy templates with the Copy Editor. For information on using and creating copy templates see the section called “Creating Copy Templates”


    There is a field in the Copy/Item Record called Floating? Leave this field at its default blank, unless cataloguing special items using this field. If interested in using Floating to manage a rotating or block collection, contact Co-op support.

  6. Click Create Volumes/Items.

  7. You may need to click Refresh to view new items, and, depending on how you retrieved the volume/copy editor, you may be in the OPAC view.


By default, a new item has a status of In Process. Item must be checked in to become Available or a cataloguer can choose to change the status to Available when creating the item record. Your library may choose to alter this behaviour by contacting Co-op support who can configure a desired default status for you.

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