Home Page Slideshow

Table of Contents

7.1. Slideshow Tips
7.2. Deleting a Slide
7.3. Adding a Slide
7.4. Adding a Text Slide
7.5. Changing the Display of the Slideshow
7.6. Create a New Slideshow
7.7. Alternate Between Slideshows

You can save several slideshows at a time in the Slideshow Manager. Each slideshow can contain up to 5 slides and you can select which slideshow will be visible on the home page.

To access the Slideshow Manager:

  1. Log into your LibPress site and access the Dashboard administration screen.

  2. Hover over the Site Manager menu item at left and click on Slideshow Manager.

Images used in the slideshow should be 960px wide by 288px high. If you don't have a graphic of this size, but are in a hurry to announce something via the slideshow, consider using a text slide until your graphic is ready.

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